What Not To Do When Self-Tanning

Self-tanning is quite a popular phenomenon in our modern world today, and it keeps growing as we speak. Though it initially kicked off with some trepidation, it is quite a different story currently. Given the dangers associated with sun-tanning, faux tanning has been welcomed with open arms, and is certainly a safer option, although tanning beds cannot really be considered so. However, tanning sprays, lotions and mousses have offered a great deal of convenience to tanning enthusiasts. The trick with these is to know what to do and what not to do. Whilst there is some practice involved for perfect results, it helps to get a head-start with this list of self-tanning don’ts to get there faster.

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Don’t Shave Right before Application

This is not to say that you should not shave, because actually self-tanning works best on exfoliated skin which shaving does contribute to, but just do not do it right before application. This is because shaving can open up your skin’s pores and leave little nicks and cuts which can lead to at times serious irritations. The level of irritations depends on the sensitivity of your skin. Leave shaving for the day before in the best case scenario.

Don’t Use Your Bare Hands

Though you might think this is a good way to go about things, it actually is not. Sure it works great with moisturizers and other creams, but not so with tanning products. You need to use a glove. You can even use a sponge if you did not know this and started off with your hands anyway, but a glove makes life much easier. You just need to steer clear of using your palms directly. This is not so much of an issue with spray tan products like the liquid gold dry oil since it sprays directly onto your skin.

Don’t Keep Layering

Another common mistake self-tanning rookies make, is applying multiple layers in the hopes that it will help bring out the color more. Actually, this does nothing to strengthen the shade, but just piled on the bronzer which just fades off in the shower. Why waste time and effort for no reason? Plus, some products develop as the next few days roll around, so you will anyway be able to enjoy a bronzer look without looking like you escaped from a particularly scorched island. Be sure to take it step-by-step.

Don’t Wear Good Clothes

Basically, if you are trying to get your tanning in before heading out, well do not. You will not only end up looking quite silly, you will also ruin your perfectly good clothes. Self-tanning products leave residue all over the place until it has set in, so you cannot leave anything to chance. The best thing to do, is categories your oldest, most disposable clothes for the job. You need to also make sure they are loose-fitting, since you do not want the clothes to get in the way of your tan. If you really are after a last minute tan, you should look for products that are specifically designed for this purpose to avoid any hassle.

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