There are many organizations which holds medical school interview workshops for the students who are usually interested in the application process to the medical schools. These workshops are arranged as they create an opportunity where advisers and students get to discuss the interview for the medical schools comprehensively. See, medical schools interview the applicants every time. They tend to evaluate the personality, maturity, and professionalism of the applicant. They want to listen to your motivation for pursuing medicine in your spoken words and to hear what are the things you have done for testing and confirming your desire for becoming a clinician. They tend to learn if you have some realistic expectations of the life as a physician and to decide whether you are going to be an amazing colleague and peer. So, for these times, the medical school interview course comes into play. These courses are the best thing as they can tell you and tech you and make you ready for the final interview day.

The interview courses for the medical schools are required by all the students and that is so, because these courses can play an important role in clearing the interview for the medical school. The courses for the medical school interview provide you with all the basic things and knowledge that a student needs to have before going for the final interview for the medical school. You are not expected for resolving the difficult moral, ethical, or political issues but you must be capable of demonstrating the familiarity with the current issues in the medicine branch as it is what you going for. So, the medicine interview course are the ones that teach you the basics of the subject you are going to get interviewed for and other things like personality, body language and others are also taught so that you do not mess in the last, final, important medical school interview. With all the information and knowledge, the course also helps in interview by taking mock interviews and keeping a record of your performance. After every performance, a feedback is also given so that you also know about your progress and try to progress further.

There are many medical schools who are following and using the MMI format of interviews. Some variations can be seen from a school to school but the format MMI interview has got 6-10 stations usually. At every station, you are given two minutes for reading the scenario and then you are provided with 6-8 minutes to execute or answer. The type of questions are varying. Some questions are scenario based, that are tend to be ethical, situational, and problem solving oriented. There are some schools which use collaborative and spatial problem solving. You can never find out the obvious thing on which you can evaluated. You receive the scores totally based on the answers that give to the questions you have been asked. So, you must be focused enough to answer the questions in a better way and must keep the things that you learned in the courses.

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