What are Adventure Sports?

What are Adventure Sports?

What are Adventure Sports?

Everybody is designed differently. Some of us like to go to malls and shop till we drop, while some like being in good company and just chit chat through the evening. And then there are those who crave something crazier.

Adventure sports are for those crazy souls who feel restless when they are confined within the walls and beams around. What puts them at ease is what makes others uneasy.

They would rather venture into the wild or smash into roaring waves than drive their car to a mall every weekend. They like to jump off cliffs or climb mountains and will not settle for anything less adventurous.

The thing with adventure sports is that once you have had a taste of them nothing else even comes close.

Definition of Adventure Sports

If you look up the definition of adventure sports on the internet you are most likely to find something that reads like this; Adventure sport is an activity which involves a high level of danger.

Besides the obvious presence of danger there are also high levels of physical exertion as adventure sports requires you to abuse your body in many ways. Stretching it in directions it hasn’t been stretched in before and attempting things you haven’t really tried before.

Some adventure sports require specialised gear especially those performed on mountains and water. With the help of gear, one can perform stunts with a certain level of safety. Without the right gear these activities can be quite risky. For instance, there are ropes to help you cross streams and climb mountains. Those who go skiing require much advanced equipment.

What’s at Risk Here?

The definitions of adventure sports do little justice to what the activity actually feels like. Most adventure sports are performed on dangerous terrains. These terrains have all the menacing qualities of nature and each adventure enthusiast has one thing in common, the desire to not just survive but conquer those terrains.

There’s a good reason why adventure sports are also known as extreme sports. It is because adventure sports have a high level of risk involved. Some sports are so extreme that you would be lucky to complete the activity with just a few bruises on your body.

Different Terrains

Let’s take a look at the different terrains on which adventure sports are usually carried out:


Mountains offer the most unique challenges and therefore most adventure activities involve mountains in some way or the other. Some popular mountain based activities are rock climbing, rapelling and mountain biking.

Mountains are prime spots for adventure activities all year round. When the snow has melted during the warm months adventure enthusiasts can be seen flocking to the mountains on their mountain bikes or to climb the rocks.

Mountain biking involves a significant degree of risk as the riders must ride their bike through rough terrains most of which are uninviting and inhospitable. Those you find with ropes on one of their shoulders and harnesses around their waist are the rock climbers. They need several specialised equipment to find grip on mountains to prevent falls that can prove to be fatal.

Water Sports

Water sports are another category of adventure sports that requires the daredevils to take on something much bigger than them like the oceans or rivers. Those who fear slightly more sit in boats while those with little or no fear go surfing on the boards. If you have traded the boat for a board, you can opt for white water rafting or extreme canoeing.

Rafting requires participants to paddle through whitewater rapids where waters conspire with rocks to gain velocities that are enough to turn the boats over. Surfboarding is for those who can tackle greater risks on water, as they balance their bodies on a small piece of wood and surf waves which can be quite difficult to understand let alone deal with.

Other water based activities include scuba diving, cliff diving, windsurfing etc.

Air Sports

Some adventure enthusiasts prefer the feel of wind over earth or water. Sky diving for example involves throwing the body from a high elevation with this hope that the parachute at the back will help them land safely on the ground far below.

Some other types of air sports are bungee jumping which is essentially like sky diving except that here you do not touch ground but are suspended by a piece of rubber from a very high platform.

The adrenaline rush that one experiences while performing these activities makes them a perfect ingredient for occasions that you wish to make memorable such as your stag do or hen do party or any occasion in general.


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