Virtual phone number and its features

Virtual phone number and its features

Virtual phone number and its features

Virtual phone number or business phone number is the special phone number that has multiple extensions used in the one organisation. Business owner get one virtual phone number and multiple extensions with it so that all employees are in contact with each other by using same number. Suppose, your customer calls you on virtual phone number, in that case use the extensions and incoming will be transferred to other employee and he will attend the customer. Customer did not have need to wait or stay on line even for a minute. This leaves a professional image on customers and they will be happy with your service. Facilities of virtual phone number depends on the service provider and charges that you can pay. If you pay more charges for getting virtual phone number, it is sure that you will all latest and advanced facilities.

When you get virtual phone number, you do not have need to buy phone. Choose the one of best service provider may be Grasshopper that will provide you calling facility at cheapest rate. This is the number that will also work in low network area.  If you have your business in other part of the world and you have to make international calls often, you will only have to pay local call rate charges. No special roaming charges are applicable on your virtual phone number.

Virtual phone number has many unique features and every business owner should have to know about those features. For their convenience, we have provided best features here and these will help them to get virtual phone number very soon. Features of virtual phone number are:

  • Direct inward dialing (DID) is another name for virtual phone number. This DID is local nature number even for international calling and there is no restriction on this number.
  • Virtual phone numbers are not associated with telephone line. These are used for calling purpose which has telephone numbers.
  • For international and roaming calling facility, no extra charges are deducted. For all calls, local charges are deducted.
  • There is huge number of service providers in the telecom market and you will not have to face any problem for getting virtual phone number. Get the virtual phone number with different package plans.
  • By using one virtual phone number, user will be able to make call in 60 countries at local call rate charges. For all international calls, recording facility is auto enabled.
  • If you have small business or startup, then you should have to look for free virtual phone number applications which are available on google play store.
  • One major feature of having virtual phone number is that do not buy any extra phone or any sim card. You just have to sign up on the webpage f service provider and your number will be active within minutes.
  • There are manually options are available in virtual phone number and user can do the settings as per his requirements. All incoming calls will be transferred to other number by using extensions so that no call will be missed.


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