The Diamond Watches that men can actually Wear

The Diamond Watches that men can actually Wear

The Diamond Watches that men can actually Wear

Men can wear any watch that they want to wear, is the truth.  Some men like simple and bold watches, others may like to have a diamond or two added in.  Some men love their watches encrusted in diamonds, others prefer to go a little simpler.  The important thing when choosing a watch is that it is a watch that you love.  And if you want a watch with diamonds, there are some magnificent men’s luxury watches out there on the market, with exquisite jewels.

Luxury watches, by the way, are fabulous investments and a luxury watch encrusted with diamonds – well, you are definitely buying something magnificent and valuable. The top brands all make divine luxury diamond watches. Do a bit of research, see which styles you like, which watch will make you feel super stylish and it’s true, powerful.  A luxury watch can do that!

Here are a few of our favourite men’s diamond watches.

 Chanel J12 Automatic Black Diamond Dial Men’s Watch

This is the most exquisite, extraordinary luxury watch, a contemporary and sophisticated watch with a hint of classic.  Modern, luxurious, totally stylish and a watch where your fellow friends will go ‘Oh My, I too want a Chanel diamond watch.’The watch has a black ceramic case and bracelet, a black dial, silver tone hands and is set with baguette diamonds, and really, oh my!  Of course, it’s a perfect timekeeper too.  Is it expensive? Luxury watches like this are expensive, they have to be, but they are excellent investments too.

Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon 18K King Gold Diamond Men’s Watch

This stunning watch is also so stylish, so beautiful and elegant, so valuable and just exquisite.  The strap is black alligator leather, the baguette diamonds are set in the 18k gold and fixed bezel, it is modern, sleek, super sophisticated and very valuable watch.  Wear it to a stylish evening event, wear it with your jeans, wear it to work.  Prepare for everyone around you telling you how magnificent your watch is.  And know that your watch will never lose time!
Breitling Galactic 41 Automatic Diamond Mother of Pearl Men’s Watch

The truth is, any men’s luxury watch with diamonds is going to be sophisticated.  The Breathing Gactic 41 Automatic Diamond Mother of Pearl is sleek, contemporary, elegant, graceful and a definitely luxury watch.  Apart from the fact that it keeps time perfectly, it looks exquisite.  The man who wears this watch is a lucky man.  And he will always have an investment!  It’s worth spending a little more on a watch that is unique and discerning.  And you will have this watch forever.

Jacob & Co. Crystal Tourbillon Diamond Men’s Watch

This watch will make you the talk of the town.  It’s exquisite, bold and striking, and very very sexy.  The Jacob & Co luxury diamond watch is white gold, diamonds, dark leather and oozes status, style and yes, sex appeal. It’s a bold timepiece with an 18k white gold diamond case, baguette diamonds in the white gold bezel, all held together with a quality luxury sleek stylish dark leather bracelet.  Hard on the wallet?  Sure.  Worth it? Absolutely.

 UlysseNardin Executive Dual Time Blue Dial Diamond Men’s Watch 

This is a unique and striking luxury male timepiece, eye-catching and rather spectacular.  Of course it keeps time perfectly, all luxury watches do, but it is also a watch of total beauty.   The watch features a luxurious diamond-set bezel, is pretty contemporary in style, the blue dial is stunning and this is a valuable, classic, glamorous watch. Saying that, you can wear your diamond watch with anything, it doesn’t have to be formal.  Does it cost a lot?  Check it out.

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Celestial 18K White Gold Diamond Men’s Watch

Pated Philippe is a big name in luxury watches and this is an impressive luxury watch.  Gold, diamonds, a fabulous sky chart dial with silver-toned hands, completely brilliant design and mechanics, and to boot, 38 baguette diamonds.  It’s an extraordinary watch, bold, stylish, sexy and powerful. Expensive? Well, of course.

 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust White Mother of Pearl Diamond Men’s Watch

We could not talk about mens watches with diamonds, without mentioning the Rolex.

  Rolex is most people’s first choice for a luxury watch and for good reason.  They’re classic, stylish, always in fashion, a definite investment and a heirloom too.

  The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Mother of Pearl Diamond Dial Watch is an excellent choice.  It has a white gold bezel and diamond hour markers. The diamonds are of course top quality but also ’not in your face.’ It’s a stunning watch which has also been seen gracing the wrists of a few female celebrities.

Rolex is often the luxury watch of choice for film stars and sports stars.

Luxury watches for men, with diamonds, are not a dime a dozen.  Do your homework, try on a couple, see which magnificent watch suits your lifestyle.  If you’re a collector, any of the above will do exceptional well in your luxury watch collection. Enjoy!


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