The Best DIY PR Tips To Run Your Small Business

The way society looks at your business enterprise makes a considerable difference to the way it functions. Apart from making handsome profits and building brand loyalty, the relations you build with the public hold great importance for the overall functioning of your business.

No business can ever function without having the public’s support. There has always been a common misconception about the definition of ‘public’. Entrepreneurs have always referred to customers, dealers and the common men buying their products as ‘public’. However, the public that an organisation caters to goes a long way in terms of diversity.

Public is referred to as an individual or a group of individuals that are directly or indirectly connected with the concerned business. Be it a direct physical connection, a share in the profits, supplying raw materials or even distributing government news, you need to take care of your ‘public’ as a whole while going about your business.

Public Relations (PR) would therefore help you in building and maintaining a positive image of your organisation in the minds of your public. You might carry this out by organising an event funded by you, starting a drive or an initiative by your organisation or even making a newspaper write about your venture in their news.

Having good PR would help you irrespective of the scale you operate in. It would certainly help you if you are a large-scale enterprise, but having a smaller business can help you in increasing your reach and influence through decent PR. Public relations can also be used to rectify certain mistakes committed by your company.

The majority of the organisations hire an external PR agency to help them make their PR efforts stronger. If you use your brains and carry out your own PR that helps you in building a favourable image of your company, it would save you money and help you in building a great image in the minds of your public.

There are several ways by which you can go down the do-it-yourself route of carrying out your PR activities. Here is a glimpse of a few of them:

Tell The Story Of Your Brand

Personification of a brand has always helped businesses in building a positive brand image. This is where you can give a human touch to your brand and give it the attributes any other individual can posses.

When it comes to your company’s PR, telling the story of your brand can prove to be a great driving factor for your audience. Let your audience know how your brand came to be and how you overcame all the obstacles to reach the level you are at now. This would engage your audiences and would help them connect better to your organisation.

You can follow this route by having corporate ads and commercials that show how your company reached to the current heights and attained its position in its niche. You can also attract more attention and interaction from your customers by asking them to revert with their own personal stories. This would add to the personal touch provided by your organisation and would therefore increase your goodwill in the market.

Always Stay Updated!

When it comes to handling your own PR, knowledge is always key! As an entrepreneur, you always need to stay updated with the current norms, fads, moods and preferences of your customers in the market.

The key here is to keep reading. Make a habit of getting daily updates about what is happening around you. You never know when you may be under the media spotlight or may have a chance to be under one!

You can set up Twitter Mentions and Google Alerts to notify you about all the happenings around the world in real time. You can also get to know what your competitors are doing. If they are adopting a particular style of cornering the market, you can divert your PR activities to another medium by getting more smart and innovative.

Build A Network With Strong Industry Influencers

When it comes to Public Relations, you need to spread a message to a wide range of people. It is not easy for a brand to make sure that their message reaches everyone and makes them understand what you are trying to say.

This is when you take help of various platforms for spreading the information about your brand, and you can never get that done unless you have a string network full of influencers.

In a business market, there are followers and opinion leaders. In most of the cases, opinions leaders guide the followers to take actions in their favour. Your job as an entrepreneur would be to build a strong network with these opinions leaders through which you can send your message to your desired market.

If your business deals in hotels, get in touch with the leading lifestyle magazines. If you are in the food and catering business, approach the leading food blogger over the internet. If you are a financial organisation offering property finance to businesses, get in touch with the leading business and real-estate magazines. Building a strong network with industry influencers would certainly help you go a long way!

Always Remain In The Loop

You can never enter the market with the intention of handling your own PR if you fall short of enough market research. If you are catering to a particular section of the market, you need to have researched enough about the area and the people of the market.

Be it researching on the products that the market has accepted earlier, the trends that have prevailed in the market or the brands that have survived in the concerned market conditions, you need to have all the relevant information before starting your own PR campaign in the market. This is as good as getting some market research done before starting a new business. Without a thorough knowledge about the market you will be functioning into, you are certain to tumble and would never be able to make it big as compared to your mammoth competitors!


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