The 8 Most Binge-Worthy Home Decor TV Shows

The 8 Most Binge-Worthy Home Decor TV Shows

The 8 Most Binge-Worthy Home Decor TV Shows

Been meaning to hang a frame back on the door like Monica Geller did? Or are you obsessed with Joey and Chandler’s Magna Doodle hung on the back of their front door?

Home decoration ideas can be found in bizarre places. All you need is a little inspiration to implement your design plans around your home. Netflix has it all covered. Even the upcoming TV season seems promising to offer a range of breathtaking interiors.

From brightening up your space to repairing, beach life too retired lifestyle; you got everything in your Netflix queue. Without wasting time, let get ready for a Netflix binge. Grab a bowl full of popcorn and simply dig in.

  1. Dear Genevieve

Genevieve Gorder is well-known as a former MTV Video Jockey (VJ) and The Learning Show (TLC) superstar of hit series Trading Spaces. You can call her fairy princess for home decoration. She kicked off her shoes (which she literally do) and get straight to work transforming space by adding a bit of fairy Gorder’s flair.

Not only this, she converted her own NYC apartment which can make you envy her. Binge through her collection on Netflix and watch her altering many spaces. In her collection of HGTV (Home and Garden Television), she has solved design problems for the audience. Also, she was one of the judges on the HGTV Design Star panel where she advised and critiqued the designer participants. In her collection, you can get amazing ideas to incorporate in your place.

  1. Design On A Dime

Do you have to think thousands of time before investing a single buck to buy essential items? With a tight budget, it is tough to even think about renovating your place. We all have been in that phase. Well, you can turn to “Design on a Dime” which revolves around renovating on no or low budget plan.

You can convert your dull space into an awesome cosy home with few tweaks. They have got everything covered including recycling and thrifting. Not only this, they also have got wedding theme included in one of their episodes. This is the best show for college grads who are trying to stand on their feet (well not literally). Now, you can easily transform your home without being heavy on your pockets.

  1. Fixer Upper

This show stars Joanna and Chip Gaines, a couple who design spaces with expertise. They add a pinch of magic to make your dreams come true. You can say that they bring Pinterest perfection out in the real world. The couple has renovated more than 100 homes giving a new life to them.

On the show, Chip is the lead constructor while Joanna designs it. Well, if you want to feel romance while decorating then it is the perfect show to watch. The show airs on HGTV has a total of 5 seasons. Their collection of episodes can be your much-needed motivation.

  1. Beachfront Bargain Hunt

Well, if you live in a place where winter and snow is your constant companion then it is a must-watch show for you. It is one of the topmost aspiring shows which are in running. Besides, you can do well with a sense of false warmth. This show is a perfect example that buying a beachfront property doesn’t mean that you have to rob a bank.

The series features different families and successful retirees that are looking to spend their last decade of life in peace (well at least inner-peace). After all, surf and sand are the best way to enjoy. The dream of living in a locality which is surrounded by palm trees and ocean breezes are the main concept of this show. Here, house-hunters are seen touring different affordable properties before settling on one. So, turn your dream into reality by just exploring.

  1. House Hunters

The most loved and popular show among all the HGTV fodder is “House Hunters” produced by Pie Town Production. This show revolves around searching homes and improvement tips. It shows that home buying is not the toughest task; the real work starts after shifting. You need plan decoration and improve the living condition of the home. So much to do!

On second thought, when Ted Mosby can have a drinking game for Robin Scherbatsky then why not you. Drink away whenever someone says, “It’s a little small”, “Nice backsplash” and “Open concept”. And let us warn you, you will be highly buzzed by the end of the show because you will be hearing these words a lot (literally!).

  1. House Hunters International

Yes, we have a spin-off (actually many) of House Hunters. As the name suggests, this one revolves around the properties all-round the world. They will take you on a journey all around the globe. From Europe to Asia, Australia to New Zealand, they got it all covered.

With the same narrator as House Hunters, they focus on the couple, individual or a family moving to another country for a vacation, schooling, job opportunities or retirement. Well, they got everything on their list. If you are one of such people, then this show is worth your time.

  1. Extreme Homes

Have you ever wished to live in a house shaped as a shoe? Or maybe a UFO? Well, a condo made up of glass is not entirely a bad idea. If you too have thoughts like these then this is the show made just for you.

They have covered the homes which are beyond human imagination. Only a few people with creative mind-sets can actually build them or renovate them. “Extreme Homes” is full of homes which you might have never seen before. This may perhaps not fall under your Do it yourself (DIY) category but it is worth mentioning. The fun part is that you get to meet people who have actually built these wonderful homes. What a level of creativity!

  1. Property Brothers’

It is a reality show that stars twins Jonathan and Drew Scoot are contractor-realtor partners (in crime). Jonathan is a licensed contractor and his twin Drew is a real-estate expert. Together, the duo help families to buy and transform a home are into their dream place. They plan out the fixtures within budget to achieve the target.

Once a family purchase the house, Jonathan set down to give a home cosier and much-needed renovation. The family is kept away from the site and is brought back only after the work is done. You simply can’t take your eyes off the brothers’ trying to accomplish their goals.

We all love to watch TV and spend time by surfing through Netflix. Well, it is high time to go through the list that we can implement in our lives. With these amazing shows, we can get highly motivated to give our home a new look which is not possible otherwise. So keep your popcorn aside and get down doing some real work. Happy binging!


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