Sleeping Disorders and What to Do About It

Sleeping Disorders and What to Do About It

Sleeping Disorders and What to Do About It

If you seem to be having trouble sleeping or staying awake during the day, then you could be suffering from a sleeping disorder. Basically, a sleeping disorder happens when the normal sleeping pattern of the body becomes disrupted. Sleeping disorders can eventually affect not only your physical health but your emotional and mental orientations, as well. There are several underlying factors that can affect your sleeping pattern which includes stress, sickness or work shifts. Here are some of the most common sleeping disorders and what you can do about it.


About 40 million or so find it difficult to sleep or stay asleep. Generally, one major symptom of insomnia is the inability to get some sleep at night. This condition is accepted by many as part of their lives without knowing the negative effect it could have on the overall health. Most people who are diagnosed with this condition suffer from depression, poor concentration and have gotten into quite a number of accidents than a normal person does. Insomnia usually manifests due to stress and though these sleep disruptions may only last for a few nights, there are still some who go through this condition for a longer period of time.

Insomnia usually results from taking in too much caffeine or from having very poor sleeping habits. For some patients, this condition can be an underlying symptom of a more serious sickness such as asthma, arthritis, depression, or anxiety. To determine proper treatment, a sleep study is conducted by doctors.


Basically, natural methods are applied to treat this condition such as changing the environment or resolving the existent health issues of the patient. There are prescriptive medications to alleviate the effects of insomnia which may include antidepressants. You can also check out afinilexpress to determine if you can use armodafinil or modafinil to treat your condition.

Sleep Apnea

This condition is usually characterized by extreme snoring which is caused by the airways being completely or partially blocked while sleeping. While we are asleep, the muscles in our throats relax, as well. In some cases, tissues block the airway which causes a person to snore. This could happen for several times a night. The result of this sleeping disorder is an extreme disturbance in the sleeping pattern every time you wake up to normalize your breathing.

Obesity plays a major part in sleep apnea. Excessive weight will increase the risk as the weight also increases tissue growth in the throat which obstructs the airway. Sleep apnea often leads to heart diseases, high blood pressure and memory problems. To treat this condition, a patient usually undergoes a weight loss program if obesity is the main determining factor. There are also several medications to treat this including modafinil. If you’re wondering where can I buy modafinil online, you can check out reliable sources by reaching out to other users around the globe.


Also known as excessive sleepiness at daytime, narcolepsy is characterized by an uncontrollable feeling of wanting to sleep at particular times during the day. It is described as a disorder in the central nervous system wherein the brain cannot regulate the sleeping and waking cycle of the body. This in turn causes the inability of the body to stay awake. Other symptoms of this disorder include muscle weakness, paralysis, and hallucinations. To determine this condition, doctors usually conduct an overnight sleep study or a daytime testing. Treatment for narcolepsy include stimulants and antidepressants.

Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep or PLMS

PLMS is characterized by the sudden jerking movements of the legs and arms while a person is asleep. This is repeated for over a hundred times at bedtime. Usually, the people who suffer from this condition are not aware of the movements that they made and they wake up feeling stressed. Treatments can be done by taking certain medications like sleeping pills.


Usually experienced by children, parasomnia are also referred to as night terrors. Sleep seems to be very traumatic for those who are experiencing this condition as the experience can be horrifying at times. The person experiencing this will avoid sleep leading to fatigue and other poor health conditions. One common type of parasomnia is sleepwalking which takes place during sleep. This is triggered by anxiety, stress, epilepsy and excessive alcohol intake. Another type is referred to as night terrors which is characterized by panic and bouts of screaming during the night.

One way to treat parasomnia is to apply various relaxation techniques such as hypnosis. Medications like antidepressants can also be taken to minimize the effect of this condition. For those who are suffering from sleepwalking, the family numbers can take the first step by creating a safe environment for the person suffering from this condition.

Sleeping disorders can take a toll on your overall health. It could leave you feeling stressed and depressed. Eventually, it will have a negative effect on your productivity. If you are suffering from one, consult your doctor as soon as possible.


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