Samsung Refrigerators – Keeping it Cool

Samsung Refrigerators – Keeping it Cool

Samsung Refrigerators – Keeping it Cool

The South Korean electronics giant has a massive presence in the world market when it comes to consumer electronics and has long since cemented its position as the world leader in innovation and technological advancements when it comes to smartphones and has carried forward the trend into its other fields and is constantly bringing in new and advanced technologies to enhance user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Samsung – The synonym for trust

Samsung is one of the most selling consumer electronics brand in the world and this statistic replicates itself in the Indian market as well. The Samsung guarantee of high quality and durable electronics along with the latest technology in refrigeration ensures that you get the best possible return on your investment. The superior customer service network and after sale service are great incentives when one considers buying a brand new refrigerator. The high durability along with Samsung’s warranty gives you a reassurance that the refrigerator will last for many years and provide a stable cooling and food preserving option at highly affordable costs.

Samsung Technologies –Always a step ahead

Samsung has relied heavily on its efficient refrigerators to provide low power costs and greater cooling capacity to truly be worth the money you spend on buying a Samsung refrigerator. Samsung offers highly efficient refrigerators that conserve electricity and are light on your pocket when it comes to electricity bill. The Food Showcase technology is one such innovation that has energy conservation and cooling efficiency at its heart. One can easily look at the food inside the refrigerator without having to open the fridge.

 This conserves the temperature inside and makes the cooling and electricity consumption much more efficient. Samsung has also introduced the 5-in-1 refrigerator that allows you to adjust cooling based on your needs. You can change the cooling to either one of regular, vacation, home-alone, extra storage and seasonal modes for increased efficiency. Samsung also provides multiple styles of refrigerators like the Family Hub, French door, Side-by-side, double door and single door refrigerators.

The Price Range

Samsung offers a wide range of options in refrigerators to allow the budget conscious consumer to pick what he wants and what he doesn’t all within his intended budget.Below is the Samsung refrigerator price list.

Samsung has 44 options in the INR 10-20,000 segment, 41 options in the INR 20-30,000 segment, 21 options in the INR 30-40,000 segment, 15 options in the INR 40-50,000 segment and 26 options in the INR 50,000+ segment.

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