Manchurian: Bringing two cultures together

Manchurian is a very popular Indo-Chinese dish which is relished at every nook and corner of the country and worldwide too. There are number of ways this cuisine can be prepared, it may be in dry orgravy version. It has also two types of utility it can be either served as snacks or appetizer or it can be offered during the main course along with noodles or fried rice.

This particular vegetarian version is widely served in the restaurants, banquets and even in the popular street joints. It is said this cuisine was developed by Chinese people, now Manchuria is that particular region which falls within the north- eastern part of China and partly in Russia too. Previously, the conventional staples were used and it can be prepared in grilled form also. As history says, it was part of regal dish in ancient time.

Presently, the dishes those are served in India in reality are a merged Indo –Chinese version as far the ingredients are concerned. This type of version originated in Kolkata long back when Chinese people migrated to this place to work in the tanneries.

Along with practicing their traditional customs they tried to incorporate different cuisines too. Its non-vegetarian version was developed by a Chinese chef in Mumbai almost 43 years back and then the demand for that particular dish spread like a viral wave.

Indo-Chinese Delicacy

Now you have to consider the definite taste for spicy delights when you talk about Manchurian recipe in hindi and its worldwide popularity. Gradually this cuisine became sought after irrespective of race, religion or culture. Today it is readily available in restaurants, food joints, fast food stalls and cuisine carts.

Previously the eateries which used to vend only South or North Indian cuisines and snacks for breakfast and lunch, now very conveniently have incorporated this particular cuisine in their eatery menu. The Chinese settlers in India who have opened restaurants had to include other Indian dishes in their menu because they knew that due to the wide popularity of Manchurian cuisine Indians will definitely visit their restaurants.

This cuisine is a perfect example of how two cultures can meet to delight the people world around. Today you will find that in the Chinese restaurants though the conventional Hakka based dishes have a demand but the fruit of the mixed culture that is the Indo-Chinese dishes are gathering vast popularity.

The growing popularity

The vegetarian version is equally popular in relation to Manchurian recipe in hindi it is significantly noticed when the customers find that any Indian cuisine will not suit his or her taste for that day then he or she can very well select such a cuisine which have brought two vast nations together. Some septic customer may comment that it’s a deviation from the traditional dish but when the taste, ingredient and the price satisfy you and your family, then who really cares. Today this cuisine is liked by all the people of the society and will continue to delight the human race.


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