Looking After A Person Suffering From Loss of Control of Bowel and Bladder

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It has been found through research that many family members and caregivers would prefer to let their loved ones be admitted to a home if they experience heavy loss of control in their bowel and bladder. Many of these people would otherwise take care of them without any issue. So what is it about this condition that tips the scales? Why is this particular condition so hard to manage? Here are some of the reasons for this and what you can do to deal with these situations.

There Can Be a Lot of Resistance

A loved one who has been diagnosed with the condition will be heavily resistant towards wearing a simpla bag, tampon, sanitary pad or any other product that can help them, because in their mind this would be them accepting that they are unable to look after themselves in the most basic way possible. If you try to speak to them about it more often than not you will be met with reactions of denial, anger or simple inaction to this end. In this scenario you will need to be tactful and kind as the caregiver and you should pick the right tone of voice to speak to the patient about their condition and talk to them about the best possible care that they can get. You can also be part of support groups that will provide you with the best set of tools to deal with something of this sort. Do not criticize the patient or they will not want to work with you on this.

Feeling Embarrassed

Taking care of a loved one even if they are a parent is hard and challenging. You might feel embarrassed for them because they experience something called loss of dignity when they begin to start needing care on that level. Then the fact that you will be invading their privacy, even if it is to look after them by touching their private parts, is something that can be embarrassing for both parties. The awkwardness will be even more if you are caring for a member of the opposite sex. What you need to do is to get support for yourself first by talking things over with family members and friends or even support groups that will understand the situation and give you a kind ear. You should also look at hiring professional help if you feel that this is too hard for you.

The Reactions You and the Patient Go Through

Even though it is not intentional and is rather human, caregivers might react negatively to an episode of loss of control of the bowel or bladder and you might begin to feel like the patient is being negligent and allowing this to happen so that you will have to clean it. You will feel even more upset if the episodes occur during times that you are getting some sleep or cooking. The cost of supplies that you need to buy because of the condition will also put your finances under duress.

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