Kit houses: Tips when designing your master bedroom

Kit houses: Tips when designing your master bedroom

Kit houses: Tips when designing your master bedroom

The master bedroom is as important as the living room. This is where the owner of the house sleeps so it’s vital that it reflects the style of the homeowner and it’s also very functional. Comfort and style should match together to create the dream bedroom. To help you get started with your design, below are some tips on how you can create your dream bedroom without any problems.

Keep privacy in mind

Privacy should be an essential core when planning a master bedroom. . It’s always nice when you can leave the bedroom door open without forsaking all of your privacy. The small foyer in this example provides separation from the family room. Keep it away from other parts of the house as much as possible since this is the space where you will do all your private stuff.

Keep the colors simple

Simple colors are not only pleasing in the eyes, it can also help you get some good sleep. Loud colors will only make your heart rate faster so make sure you avoid these. A bedroom should be a place to relax after a long day, so it’s no wonder a neutral palette is a popular choice. Try soft whites with a bit of warmth to keep the space from feeling stark. Soft pinks and yellows can also work.

Connect with outdoors

Direct sunlight will make any morning special. That’s why as much as possible, keep the bedroom connected to the outdoors. While this might not be feasible in all climates, connecting a room with the outdoors is a great way to make the space feel larger and admit more natural light. If your bedroom is on the ground floor (or is on the second story and has an adjacent terrace), adding a set of French doors can instantly increase visual space. You can easily access your garden or pool in no time.


When it comes to furniture, it’s best to mix modern and antique pieces for a bit spice in your space. If your style falls somewhere in between contemporary and traditional—or you just want to keep your space from feeling one-note—try to incorporate a mix of styles. Vintage and antique pieces will add warmth, while sleeker furnishings will make sure the end result isn’t too stuffy. This will definitely make your home cool with the eyes.

Create a layered look

Making your bedroom look layered can add texture and stylishness to the space. A bedroom should always have a bit of coziness and one of the easiest ways to achieve that extra warmth is by adding layers. This will make the space look warm and cozy especially during the winter.

Consider the furniture layout

Another important factor is the furniture layout. The layout will make sure that the plan is concise and functional. our bedroom’s architecture should take your furniture into account. Bedroom floor plans usually have a bed wall — but what about dressers, nightstands, TVs, chairs and a desk? Work with your architect or designer to make sure there is enough space beside the bed for nightstands and ample circulation so you can access three sides of the mattress. Considering the layout means you are working in making the whole space much more functional as possible.

Lighting is key

Lighting is a make or break to any room. Locating your bedroom at the corner of your kit houses can give you windows on two or more adjacent walls. This gives you the added benefit of cross ventilation and a softer natural light. It will also make your home more open and free.


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