Important Facts To Know About European Health Insurance Card

Important Facts To Know About European Health Insurance Card

Important Facts To Know About European Health Insurance Card

Health is one of the most important aspects that need to be well taken care of so as to stay healthy and enjoy well-being in all respects. In order to ease the process of medical treatments and care and help local citizens to reduce the burden on their pockets for the huge medical bills, the EHIC card has been specifically designed and made available for almost all the citizens that are above 16 years of age. It is really an important card that allows the cardholder to avail of the numerous benefits offered by the respective state governments or authorities. On the outset, European Health Insurance Card may seem to be similar to health insurance but it is somewhat different and has important facts as discussed below that need to be known to the cardholder and perhaps all.

What is EHIC?

EHIC card basically refers to the European Health Insurance card that is mandatory for all so as to avail of the medical benefits provided under certain rules pertaining to this card. The card may be used to get medical treatments free-of-cost or at reduced prices from the hospitals or other health care centres approved by the concerned officials.

Validity of the card

It is worth noting that European Health Insurance Card is valid in all the states and countries of UK as well as Switzerland. This card may even be used in the European Economic Area nations of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. As far as the period of validity of this card is concerned, it is valid for a period of five years. The cardholders need to get their cards renewed before the expiry period by undergoing the proper procedures.

Useful during travelling

It is worth noting that the card provided by EU to the citizens proves to be quite useful for anyone travelling to UK or the places mentioned above. It may be used to get medical aid, care or treatment at the authorised healthcare institutions, in case you fall ill or need immediate medical attention while travelling. You may show your card at the authorised centres or hospitals and get the requisite help free-of-cost or at considerably reduced prices. An important point worth noting in this respect is that this card is not valid for the purpose of getting any medical treatments abroad. It means you are restricted to using this card for the sole purpose of getting medical treatment from foreign countries.

Different from travel insurance

Though EHIC card offers benefits to the card holders during travelling however it is still different from travel insurance. In simple words, EHIC should not be considered as travel insurance in anyways. It is because it doesn’t cover any travel insurance benefits. Rather it acts as an important support to you if you fall sick, incur some accidental injuries or need to get medical aid for management of some chronic health issues while travelling to any of the EU Countries or other places covered under it.

By knowing these important facts about European Health Insurance Card, you may appropriately utilise it and get the benefit.


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