How To Sell Your Dental Clinic Brand

Dental clinics are a commodity that everyone needs, and therefore it is a competitive and difficult business to master.

Here are some top tips and how tos in order to rise to the top of the pile.

Firstly, you need a brand. If this sounds commercial, that’s because it is. At the end of the day, your dental clinic business needs to make money, and it needs to be able to sell itself.

Branding doesn’t have to be expensive adverts, and it doesn’t need to be constantly in people’s faces.

Your dental clinic’s name needs to be reflective of the kind of service you are offering. It makes sense to name it after something comforting, such as the area you are in, or someone’s name. Some dental clinics are named after things that are in nature, which can create a calming feeling towards something that may otherwise be unpleasant for people.

If you, or someone you know, is adept at a design programme, use it to create a logo for your dental clinic. This helps patients recognise you as a business, and should be eye-catching, but not overpowering. Choose an interesting font, and perhaps a picture to reflect the name, if it’s applicable.

Finding your speciality is your selling point. It could be that you can offer a range of services to your patients, or you could concentrate on one area of treatment in your dental clinic.

If you are offering a variety of services to patients, this works for a wider range of people, and will mean that your customers will come back to you time and again for any and everything they need taking care of.

If you are honing in on one aspect of oral treatments, this can limit your market, but it means that you can prioritise. If you specialise in something in particular, commendations and recommendations from customers and peers will be your best friends. It means being able to rank your business in a more exclusive chain, if that’s what you want to do.

Getting out of the office and speaking to your market is the next and final stage in selling your dental clinic as a brand or business to patients. It is a forever ongoing process, and if you are good at what you do, it will only help in your journey.

Once you have established the type of dental clinic that you are running, you can narrow down the types of people you will want to speak to.

Families and those who are working hard to provide for themselves will be looking for ways to justify any expenses they can, and so offering a variety of payment options can be a great way to put people’s minds at ease.

Similarly, older generations may not want or be able to travel very far to get treatment. This is another aspect that is appealing to a wide variety of potential patients at your dental clinic.

If you are specialising, investing in business trips to stay on top of the way the market is going is a great idea. You can speak directly to peers, which will always be beneficial.

Advertise in the places that people look for your type of dental clinic business. Certain media caters to certain people, and it should be the same for your marketing.

These are just a few ideas to get your dental clinic business moving, and to keep you from wasting time and money where you don’t need to.

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