How to Protect Your Teeth

Caries is still the most widespread disease, it is present in almost every human being. That is right, but there are things you can do to prevent it from happening.Here at we know what is good for your oral health, all you need to do is visit us or call us and schedule an appointment.

However, it should be mentioned that in many highly developed environments, this is not the case: for many years now these countries have fluorizers in the water as well as supply systems and fluoride intake into the body when they are drinking water. Do you know beneficial this is for the teeth? As a result, the caries is almost eradicated. Of course, it doesn’t mean that in these countries people do not take a good care of their teeth, but flourized water plays a big role when it comes to protecting teeth from diseases.

Since no human being on this planet is ideal, we have to work hard and rely on our own conscience to protect our own health and teeth. With the beginning of maintaining the hygiene of the oral cavity it is never premature. At about the age of six months of your baby, some sooner or later, the first teeth begin to appear. Even if there is one single teeth in the mouth it is necessary to keep it hygienic in some way. It is difficult to do this with a toothbrush, but it is much easier to rub the tooth with a piece of gauze (soaked in boiled water or a three-percent hydrogen). So, yes, even babies need regular maintenance of the oral hygiene.

As the number of teeth in your baby’s mouth gradually increases, your commitment to maintaining baby tooth hygiene will grow. For the first attempts to clean the teeth, small brushes are recommended from soft rubber, or completely soft brushes. You can purchase the appropriate brush in any better-supplied pharmacy. If you show your child how to brush their teeth, they will try to imitate you. Thus, through a game, seamlessly, make the first steps in mastering the technique of washing teeth.

The first questions about the use of fluoride usually come from pregnant women. According to scientific information, any future mum should use a daily dose of fluoride in the form of a tablet to condense (there are special tablets for that purpose, one milligram a day) from the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy. This is important for every woman who wants to protect their teeth.

Just remember that fluoride is one of the greatest things you can use to protect your teeth for the long run. But do not forget that you need to check your teeth regularly at the dentist at least two times in a year and if you have problems it is recommended that you check them more often. Your teeth are important.

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