How to Maintain Your Kidney Health

How to Maintain Your Kidney Health

How to Maintain Your Kidney Health

Patients with kidney diseases have almost doubled in the country over the last decade and are expected to rise further. Unhealthy eating habits and stressful lives are the prominent reasons for the increase in chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity, and high blood sugar, which enhance the risk of suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Kidney diseases are silent killers and complete renal failure is amongst the top five reasons for deaths in the country. There is also an increase in the number of 25-30-year-olds, who require dialysis to flush out waste and extra fluids from the blood when the kidneys are unable to perform their functions. If you belong to this category, you need to be cautious.

However, there are several ways to fight CKD as listed below:

  1. Healthy eating habits

When you follow healthy eating habits, such as including vegetables and fruits, you reduce the risk of suffering from chronic illnesses, which decrease the risk of renal failure. However, if you are diagnosed with a kidney condition, it is important that you consume fruits that are low in potassium.

  1. Maintain blood pressure levels

High blood pressure increases the possibility of suffering from kidney disease. This further increases if you also have high blood sugar levels. If you have a family history, it is important you monitor your blood pressure regularly and seek treatment if required. A critical illness insurance policy is beneficial in meeting treatment expenses for these conditions.

  1. Follow an active lifestyle

When you adopt a regular workout regime and follow an active lifestyle, you reduce the chances of suffering from chronic illnesses. Moreover, it reduces inflammation and boosts your immunity. Most insurers offer you a lower premium if you are healthy when you avail of a critical illness policy.

  1. Maintain normal blood sugar levels

Diabetes significantly increases the chances of suffering from kidney ailments. Several patients suffering from renal failure require treatment and in some cases kidney transplants. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain normal blood sugar levels. You must also regularly test your urine for albumin and undertake kidney function tests to diagnose any abnormality at an early stage. Some of the best critical illness insurancepolicies may offer coverage for such tests.

  1. Drink adequate fluids

Drinking adequate amounts of water through the day is important to maintain good health. The optimal fluid intake varies from one person to another and depends on your level of physical activity, weather conditions, and body type. It is recommended your fluid intake must be proportionate to your sodium intake.

  1. Quit unhealthy habits

Unhealthy habits like smoking and consumption of alcohol increase the chances of suffering from chronic kidney ailments. Regular smoking damages your blood vessels and increases the possibility of suffering from high blood pressure and kidney cancers. The best critical illness policy may not be available if you have unhealthy habits,which may increase your financial burden in case you are diagnosed with a critical ailment.

  1. Avoid too much sodium consumption

If you are already diagnosed with high blood pressure or renal disease, the recommended amount of sodium is between four and five milligrams per day. If you consume more than the recommended quantity, your blood pressure may further increase, which would severely affect your kidneys. It is advisable to avoid high-salt foods such as pickles, processed foods, chutneys, papads, namkeens, and fast foods.

Following the aforementioned tips may be beneficial in reducing your chances of suffering from a chronic kidney disease. However, there are certain factors that are beyond your control and you may still be diagnosed with a critical ailment. To ensure that you do not have any financial difficulties in treating such an illness, it is recommended you avail of a critical illness coverage. Most insurers offer such plans and you may check an online critical illness insurance comparison table. It will list the various inclusions and exclusions, premium amount, and other terms and conditions that allow you to make an informed decision.


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