How To Design A Pet Friendly Home

How To Design A Pet Friendly Home

How To Design A Pet Friendly Home

You would be surprised to know that having pets was considered to be deeply unfashionable once upon a time. But these days, having a pet is more than just a little common.

In fact, it’s not just a trend but an expression of love and demonstrates a caring, funside. After all, your pets are the ones who stick around you during your sad and happy days.

However, before you bring a pet home you need to make provisions to offer them a comfortable environment. Here are some tips to design pet friendly homes-

#1-Hard surface floors

Is it necessary that bare flooring is always boring? Well, not necessarily, but they can be designed in different ways whichcan be extremely beautiful and durable. It has been observed that painted concrete is the one which features these attributes along with brick and terrazzo.

If you look into cleaning aspect, then hardwood floors are easy to mop, vacuum and they can simply glow the room with a single wipe. However, if you have a huge dog then do not forget that they can scratch wood, so just be mindful of it.

Ceramic tile floor is yet another type of flooring which can resist all kinds of stains (including the ones left by your pets)and they are easy to clean. As a matter of fact, tiles are toenail-proof which makes the room look elegant and shiny. Such a place is perfect spot for furry animals to be specific, as they can enjoy a cool spot for nap in hot weather.

If you are thinking about porous materials like natural stones or marble then note that they are not pet-proof as compared to other surfaces. The main reason for this is that this flooring cannot certain acid. For example, acids present in pet spit-up can stain even sealed flooring.

#2-Affordable Rugs

You can definitely use rugs even though you have pets at home. However, one smart way is to buy inexpensive rugs as expensive ones can dig a hole in your pocket. Plus, you can simply pick up the rug and clean the area which is a tricky task in case of carpets.

Look for durable yet elegant options which can withstand pet traffic.

#3-Specific place for your pet

If you are purchasing a well-designed house you do not have many options. But, if you are redesigning your house then consider your pet’s lifestyle and accordingly design your home. Make provisions so that your pet can easily move in and out of the house.

If you have small room you can convert it in mudroom for your dogs. You can also store, dog clippers and other grooming essentials in this room so that it’s convenient for you to use them as and when needed.

You can also seek assistance from experts and invest in professional dog clippers so that you use accessories as per your breed and not random equipments.

#4-Use washable fabrics

Some pets like to sleep with their owner which means there are chances of your home fabric getting spoilt. In orderto deal with such a situation you can use alternative fabric options which can be easily replaced or washed. You can use cotton fabrics as you can easily get rid of stains and pet hair from them.

You do not necessarily have to buy niche quality cotton sheets instead medium quality sheets are suitable for home purpose.

#5-Tidy and attractive toys

If you are a dog pet owner then consider the fact that you need to buy toys which they can chew on otherwise they might end up chewing a chair leg.

On the other hand, if you have cat at home then you must buy toys which can resist scratching. You can simply hang a scratching post to the wall. Nowadays, you get scratching posts in vibrant colours which blend well with your home décor.

#6- Avoid presence of fragile pieces

Well, if you are considering a combination of pet and glass accessories for your home then you may have to re-consider this thought. Ideally, these two do not go well with each other.

Imagine, you have a beautiful, huge and delicate vase placed along your dining room and your dog’s tail accidentally hits the vase,the very next second,it vase is in several pieces and your heart too. Plus, you cannot say anything to your pet as it has been done unintentionally. You also cannot put your beloved pet away from you, so the bottom line is to keep fragile pieces at bay.

Lastly, do not hesitate to shower your pets with love and always remember to keep them happy and rewarded with occasional treats.Your love, affection, care and time is all that your pet needs and you will get more than twice the amount of affection returned!


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