How to Bid Adieu to Back Pain – 7 Tips that Work

Back Pain

Millions of people across the globe suffer from lower back pain. The condition usually results from varied factors such as exercise, work, prolonged sitting, standing, or even chronic conditions.

The lumbar region of body or lower vertebrae are vulnerable to pain and muscle fatigue. Sleeping properly or adopting the best sleep position for back pain will help. Some of the positions may take a good amount of time for the body to get used to. You can focus on changing positions and giving support to your back. These efforts will pay off.

Here are some tips on sleeping positions and buying accessories for bed to ensure relief from back pain:

1. Sleep on Your Side

If you are in a habit of sleeping on your side, draw legs up a little toward your chest. Now place a pillow between legs. In case, you feel comfortable, use a full-length pillow.

2. The Mattress

When did you last change your mattress? If it had been more than eight years, consider an upgrade. Materials of mattress tend to break down over time. These may even become less supportive for your back and body. Although there isn’t any one specific type of mattress which is “the best” for all, you need to test a few of them prior to purchasing to decide on the most comfortable one for you. Some prefer firm mattresses while others prefer the softer

Foam mattress is known to be more comfortable as compared to traditional versions of inner-spring mattresses. Make sure you buy from a store that offers satisfaction guarantee and
also a return policy.

Usually, it takes many to adjust to a new mattress. In case, you feel that the back pain has not improved for many weeks of relaxing and reclining on the new mattress, return it and consult a health care practitioner.

3. Sleep on your Back

Do you sleep on your back? Always place a pillow under your knees. This will help you to retain the normal curve of the lower back. Alternatively, try placing a small, rolled towel below the small of your back. This will give additional support. Also use a pillow to support your neck.

4. Invest in Good Pillows

It is important to invest in some supportive pillows. So shop for a pillow tailored specifically according to the way you sleep. You may choose either a back or side pillow. Also buy a king-sized pillow (body pillow). This needs to be placed between your legs (for side sleepers).

5. Sleep on Your Stomach

This is a position you should avoid. The position is very tough for your back. If your habit does not allow changing position, sleep on your stomach with a pillow under your pelvis and abdomen (lower). It is also advised to use a pillow under your head in case; it does not place a lot of strain on your back. Skip this step if you feel any stress.

6. Getting In and Out of Bed

It is important to learn the right technique to get in and out of bed properly. Improper methods can hurt your lower back very badly. Start with sitting on your side of the bed (this is where you would like your buttocks to lie while sleeping). Now lower torso down towards your right or left while you bring legs up. Here, you must maintain a straight plank.

When you lie down to sleep on your side, roll in a plank motion from your side towards back. Now bend the leg (opposite from the side you wish to reel onto). Press foot down in a way to push yourself towards your side. You should learn to move in a plank motion. This will prevent any spraining of your back.

7. Place Supportive Pillows

In case, you have a habit of sleeping on your back; place a swish, supportive pillow beneath your knees. This practice will flatten your back and help you get rid of the large arch from the lower back region. It can relieve pain in just a few minutes. Back and side sleepers can use a supportive pillow. Make sure you pull it under your knees. You may even place it between your legs once you switch positions. Placing a small towel rolled-up under the back will give you extra support.

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