How to Avoid Those Post Exercise Pains

How to Avoid Those Post Exercise Pains

How to Avoid Those Post Exercise Pains

Exercise is something that each of us should engage in regularly. It is a core element of a healthy lifestyle and is responsible for keep us fit and looking and feeling young. There is the widest range of exercises to choose from. You can select team sports, aerobics, swimming, running, and even brisk walks with your dog to get your heart rate up and creating great resistance for your muscles.

Exercise offers an additional range of benefits including a mental and emotional boost and providing more energy via a metabolism boost. There is a downside though to hitting the gym or whatever your chosen exercise and that is that aches and pains that come post exercise. To help you keep your enthusiasm to continue here are some tips to avoid those nagging pains.

Do Exercises that are Designed to Not Make You Sore

When you lift weights or do resistance type exercises the chances of you getting sore is nearly 100% for the first few weeks. The soreness will decline over time, but it will persist likely for as long as you do those exercises. There are other ways you can get in shape that are designed to help you avoid soreness. Pilates is a great example of this type of exercise. Pilates is an exercise that uses controlled movements, to improve flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. Because it i slow and controlled and includes stretching throughout lactic acid buildup in the muscles which causes soreness, is alleviated. When you practice Pilates, you get into great shape with very little if any soreness.

Schedule a Sports Massage

One of the best ways to get rid of your post exercise pains is with a sports massage. Nearly every professional athlete gets regular massages because of the wear and tear on their bodies. They must practice at a very high level in between their matches for days or weeks. Most are in pain to some degree and need to consistently use massage to heal and repair their bodies so they can perform at the highest level when they are on the field. A sports massage targets those areas that are injured with a combination of deep Swedish massage and Shiatsu and also works on flexibility which is critical for any athlete.  This type of massage is not only for professionals though, even if you are a weekend athlete, a sports massage is a perfect way to relieve some pains and get you healed more quickly so you can get back on the field again.

If you have very serious pains you might want to schedule a remedial massage that consists of a complete assessment of your body and any physical issues before a massage is given. This process allows for the right type of massage to be administered and targeted directly at your problem areas.

Engaging in some of these practices will keep you on the path to getting healthy and make you feel better along the way


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