Healthy Diet Regime For Busy People

health and diet for busy professionals

Enter into a new year, and everybody goes bonkers about having a healthy diet. According to Statisticbrain, losing weight is the number one New Year’s resolution for 2016. You might have a little success in the beginning, but it becomes harder to follow through.

Statistics by powerofbreakfast states that about 27% of Indians claimed to have skipped their breakfast. Among those who eat breakfast on a regular basis, 81% consume poor sources of nourishment. Also, did you know only 45% of Indians exercise? And that overall, Indians have a high risk of 50%- 400% chance of heart-related problems regardless of where they live.

As professionals in the fast-growing economy, it becomes challenging to maintain a healthy regime. People opt for more comfortable means of making and eating food. Exercise is not only enough to be healthy you must have a healthy, balanced diet. A good schedule is also essential for good health.

Here is a list to follow that will help maintain a healthy diet:

DON’T skip breakfast

Breakfast is vital for brain development and to lead a productive day ahead.

Make sure to eat a balanced diet

Ensure your diet includes: 
1. Greens and other nutritious vegetables like spinach, broccoli, Brussels, and kale
2. Grains like brown rice, kidney beans, black beans, lentils or 100% whole wheat bread
3. Proteins such as poultry, fish, beans, rice, eggs, and grass-fed meats

Avoid processed sugar

Use natural sources of sugar like honey, maple syrup, dates, coconut, and molasses.

When in a hurry eat your salad

Let’s teach you how to make a simple yet tasty bowl of salad:
Choose a base:
Spinach, lettuce, kale or your favorite leafy veggies
Addsources of vitamins and minerals:
Fruits like tomatoes, pineapple, apple, butter fruit (avocado) or veggies like cucumber, carrots, sweet potato, mushrooms, spring onions
Add sources of proteins:
Proteins like poultry, fish, shrimps, boil eggs, etc…
Last but not the leastadda dressing
Olive oil, lemon juice or a simple salsa

Drink lots and lots of water

Water energizes your muscles, keeps your skin healthy, maintains regular bowel and ensures your kidneys are healthy. Lack of water can lead to early dehydration, which is a stage that leads to fatigue, migraines and discomfort. It is very important to have lots of water especially if you take in high levels of caffeine.

Eat fruits, nuts and yogurt for snacks

Nuts are a good source of healthy fats. Yogurt is a low calorie source of protein, calcium and minerals.

Don’t have enough ingredients but want a heartwarming meal?

Prepare a 5 ingredient soup. Like tomato-parmesan soup or creamy spinach and broccoli soup

Eat Local

Idlis, dosas, phulkas, chicken tikka, palakpaneer and many more dishes have fewer calories when prepared at home.

Make grilled, poached, baked, steamed and boiled your best friends

Avoid eating fried foods and go for grilled, steamed and boiled meats.

This might not be dietary regime, but here you go “The cliché advice; take the stairs makes a difference.”

Work on your interpersonal skills

Research has shown that people who have good relationships are more likely to be happy. So work on your interpersonal skills and build strong relationships.


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