Everything you want to know about Stem Cell Therapy

Advancements in medical techniques and technology has made a number of surgical procedures quiet easy and safer than ever before. Once you and your doctor can find out the benefits and prospective risks for your personal self, you can then go and get your treatment. Most of the people these days are going for stem cell therapy and there are many clinics out there which help in getting the same treatment for the patients so that their diseases and injuries could be treated. In most of the cases, stem cell are used to treat disorders and diseases related to the blood such as Leukemia.

The best stem cell therapy India has saved a number of children suffering from this disease. This procedure involves using stem cells for grafting tissues and the aim is the treat the diseases or injures which are apparent in the skin, bones and even the cornea of the eye. There have been a lot of research going on for the same procedure and now more and more avenues are open for using the stem cells in the field of medicine but there is still more to learn.

Let us understand the five primary things about stem cell therapy:

  1. The number of diseases which have been cured by Stem Cell treatments is not that huge but the best and most commonly used stem cell therapy is used on bone marrow transplantation which helps in treating a certain kind of blood and also improves the disorders related to immunity system. This stem cell therapy is basically beneficial for rebuilding the blood system post treatments for some types of cancers. Therefore, as of now only a few stem cell therapies are available and have proven to be effective and safe.
  2. The best stem cell therapy India has been in practice since 1970 and with the help of this treatment, a thousands of patients have got benefitted. Sometimes, the cells of the tissues get attacked and there is a huge risk of infection and it is during this time the stem cell therapy comes into use.
  3. There are different types of cells which have a different purpose for the body. For example, the hematopoietic or the blood-forming stem cells that are found in bone marrow help in regenerating the blood cells, while the neural stem cells present in the brain help make brain cells. They both cannot be used interchangeably. These stem cells helps the other body parts in healing and therefore make the body immune again.
  4. The purpose of stem cell therapy is to maximize effectiveness and minimize harm. Such as the skin stem cells has been quite effective for patients who had suffered from severe burns. The aim is to help the third degree burn patients and then for some patients cord blood stem cells are required which doctors can get from Umbilical cord and is preserved after the baby the born.
  5. As of now, the corneal regeneration is also a possibility. All thanks to the stem cell therapy. This treatment is also proven very effective and very safe for patients.


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