Common yet Mouth-Watering Vegetarian Dishes Indians Madly Love

mushroom biryani in tamil

If you are a vegetarian, then searching for vegetarian recipes in magazines and over the internet is probably one of your most favourite pastimes, and you probably don’t think anything can taste better than ‘bhindi masala’ or ‘kadhaipaneer.’ But most non-vegetarians don’t consider vegetarian food items delicious. For a change of perception of all the non-vegetarians out there, and to enrich the repertoire of recipes of the vegetarian folks, we dish out some of the most amazing vegetarian dishes of India. Just check out-

  1. Dal Tadka

Dal Takda is one of the most sought after recipes in India. It is made with yellow lentils, which is cooked and tempered with spices and ghee or oil. The dhaba style dal tadka is out-and-out delicious and is a popular choice for a lot of Indian foodies.

  1. Malai Kofta

This is a dish that is especially served in special occasions. This amazing dish, prepared with a thick cream based sauce of tomatoes, is best complemented with jeera rice or naan. The vegetable balls used in malaikofta may be made with different vegetables.

  1. Navaratan Korma

This is a Mughal dish prepared with nine different vegetables, fruits and yoghurt, alongside a cream based sauce. Different flavours are possible for this recipe as this dish is cooked differently in different parts of the country.

  1. Mutter Paneer

This a North Indian dish prepared with cottage cheese(paneer) and mutter or peas. A thick tomato sauce is used to prepare this dish. It’s extremely popular across food lovers and is savoured by vegetarians as well as non –vegetarians. It is best complemented by paranthas, naans or rotis.

  1. Baingan Bharta

Grilled eggplants are used to prepare this dish. Once grilled, the eggplants are mixed with spices and herbs to create a wonderful smelling dish which has a paste like appearance. This dish is not just easy to cook, but also extremely delicious and healthy.

  1. Chana Masala

This dish is also sometimes known as chhole masala, and is a popular recipe in Punjab as well as in many other parts of India. A kind of fried bread called bhature goes amazingly well with this dish. Chholebhature is a popular street food we have in India.

  1. Aloo Gobi

As the name suggests, this dish is made with cauliflower and potatoes. It’s basically a dry dish that has a large number of variations. It is a common household dish and the time taken to cook it is incredibly less.

  1. Mushroom biryani

This is a version of biryani relished by a lot of vegetarians across India. Because mushrooms have a chewy, tender taste, and can be cooked like other non-vegetarian dishes, they indeed make the biryani taste amazing. This biryani is cooked pretty much in the same way as chicken or mutton biryani is cooked. Whether you are looking for a recipe of mushroom biryani in tamil, Hindi or English, you can find it easily over the internet. In fact, recipes for all of the above mentioned dishes are easily found.

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