Celebrating Women Care and Menstruation

Menstruation is a regular biological process that holds a major significance in the life of a female. It can be cranky, painful, stressful yet relieving at the same time. A person needs to kit oneself with appropriate products and proper mental balance to deal with the red days. Thus, we are here with some easy steps to manage the premenstrual stage and menses in a convenient manner for the best of woman care.

Happy-go-lucky periods – Majority of women consider periods as a cranky and painful monthly experience. Many people also undergo a situational Premenstrual syndrome, leading to few physical changes and fluctuating mood swings. But, it is important to consider, that the way we think about periods affects premenstrual symptoms to a greater extent. Thinking from a different aspect, menstruation can be quite an enjoyable period for females.

Tracking your Menses – Keeping a regular track on the menstrual cycle can help you to analyze a draft schedule for coming menses and being prepared for the same in case of emergency. Also, it helps a female to determine the fertility and chances of pregnancy. One can use various apps related to women care that are specially designed to calculate the first day, even for the irregular cycle. Some of the most commonly used free period tracking apps are Clue, Eve, Flo, Period Tracker, Pink Pad etc.

Securing the best Feminine Hygiene Product – With periods on a full swing, it becomes quite necessary for one to carry the best feminine hygiene products in order to survive the menstrual flow. There are various feminine hygiene products such as Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Menstrual cups, Panty liners etc. These products help to overcome the periods’ flow and unnecessary leakage. Amongst these menstruation supplies, Sanitary Pads are widely used products that help the person to survive the red days. Some of the best sanitary pads include Whisper Extra Large Pads and Whisper Ultra XL Wings providing good absorbency and leakage protection. Along with this, feminine hygiene products also includes intimate wash. These liquids are used for maintaining the PH balance of the genital area, keeping the pubic regions clean. Thus, securing the most reliable feminine hygiene products and keeping a stock handy can be beneficial in times of need.

Healthy munching during periods –Before 12 to 16 days of the onset of the menstruation cycle, our body starts preparing for fertilization of the egg which leads to many changes in the body. Due to this, metabolism or digestion power increases leading to constant hunger and intake of calories. Unhealthy calories may worsen the PMS symptoms and delay the onset of cycle. Thus, eating Iron-rich foods such as meat, beans, lentils, eggs, dark leafy greens and consumables rich in Vitamin C such as oranges, peppers, and kale etc. can be quite beneficial.

So, these were few very simple tricks to manage ‘the red days’ in a very easy manner. Periods are nothing to be stressed about, in fact, it is a superpower, portrayed as a symbol of womanhood. Just the right products along with patience are all that a superwoman needs!


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