Causes of tooth loss and their perfect solution

Causes of tooth loss and their perfect solution

When we talk about tooth loss, it’s not only the problem we are referring to while eating and chewing, somewhat the missing teeth significantly affect your social, physiological and emotional life. It gives people a chance to mock you with your teeth gone missing. Although the older adults do not face this social pressure as age is a common factor contributing towards teeth loss, but the young people or middle-aged ones are affected a lot. It is therefore essential to understand what causes the teeth to decay and fall, what precautions can be used to overcome this problem and what solutions we have for these issues.

The issue of missing teeth is referred to as edentulous in the world of medicine, where it is known as the dental condition where a single, multiple or all of the teeth are missing from your mouth. There can be some medical and emotional reasons contributing to it. Let us have a look.

  • Poor oral hygiene could be a significant factor in the teeth loss. Like any other part of the body, your teeth also need special care and health so they could stay free of infections and bacteria.
  • Bad eating habits also significantly affect your teeth, whether it is a child, an adult or an older adult. Consumption of high sugar foods is the primary cause of tooth loss.
  • Several medical ailments such as heart diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes, HIV infections, malnutrition and immunosuppression are also responsible for missing or chipping the tooth.
  • Some medical treatments are also linked to the teeth loss such as chemotherapies, head radiation therapies and immunosuppressive medication tend to weaken the immune system which in turn affects the health of the teeth, so eventually, and they start falling.
  • Lack of knowledge about the hygiene and care of the teeth also results in missing tooth. Commonly children start facing the dental issues, and the lack of education in parents becomes the reason for the child to begin losing the teeth. It is essential to consult a dental expert as soon as you feel something wrong with a tooth.

The question now arises how to overcome these missing teeth?

The all on 4 dental implants Las Vegas is the solution to all the problems relevant to the teeth. This technique used for the patients who have lost some top or bottom teeth, the whole new row of teeth can be fixed easily to the bones with the help of this fantastic and flawless technique.

How horrible would you look after the dental replacement or implant?

That’s the most worrying thing about getting some dental procedure that you are uncertain of your looks. The all on 4 dental implants Las Vegas assures that there would not be any effect on your looks, they would get only better. So do not worry and get yourself a dental implant as quick as you can and start getting on with your high life.

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