Pregnancy is a phase in a woman’s life that is so new that mostly the whole idea of it comes to be very overwhelming. Women experience a number of mood swings which is very common. This is the reason why the partners are always advised to handle their wives with much patience and love.

Depression is a very common term and whether you know it or not, everyone has definitely faced depression in their lives. Also, it is very common for pregnant ladies to face depression. But, there isn’t much awareness about the depression related to pregnancy or the pregnancy depression medication and in today’s topic I will give you a little insight about the topic.

Antepartum depression or depression during pregnancy is basically a mood disorder that involves changes in brain chemistry. It is just like clinical depression. During pregnancy, women face a lot of hormonal changes that can directly affect the chemicals in the brain and which are directly related to depression and anxiety. But most of the times it is not diagnosed properly during pregnancy and because of which people just think it is another kind of hormonal imbalance.

There are a few signs and symptoms that have been found common in pregnant ladies when going through depression. These symptoms generally persist for two weeks or more.

  • Constant sadness- women with pregnancy can suffer sadness from time to time because of the hormonal changes or the fear pr labor and delivery. But if this state persists for more than 2 weeks then you need to consult a doctor.
  • Difficulty in focussing- women also go through anxiety issues during pregnancy which can remove their focus from their daily life chores as well. But if this problem of concentration persists then it could be a sign of depression.
  • Odd sleeping pattern- again sleep pattern does get disrupted for pregnant women. The change in body posture makes sleeping a little less easy for them. But sleeping way too less or way too much has been considered to be one of the symptoms to pregnancy related depression.
  • Losing interest in usual things that used to give joy- pregnancy mood swings can make your sway either way. One could be too emotional one time or too vulnerable the other or even sudden anger outbursts have been seen. But this should not change the general notion of joy and happiness. Losing interest in the things that usually gave joy is definitely one symptom.
  • Eating pattern- mood swings lead to change in eating habits as well. But a drastic change in the eating pattern should not be neglected as it could be a symptom for depression.

Now there are quite a few health issues that come up during pregnancy, for instance indigestion, head ache, morning sickness, vaginal discharge etc. whatever be your issue be sure to go to your doctor, be it meds for pregnancy digestion or as simple as a headache. Avoid self medication for a healthy pregnancy.

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