An analytic eye on oncology services in Auckland

An analytic eye on oncology services in Auckland

An analytic eye on oncology services in Auckland

Oncology is a tough medical discipline, with patients often in debilitated or near death conditions the life of an oncologist runs on an ever busy schedule. By 2020 the oncology services are projected to see a 48% of an increase in supply and demand. But only a 14% of an increase in oncology services including oncology hospitals is expected by 2020. As the population of the world grows and ages more treatments are expected to emerge for better car and practices. Take any oncology hospital in Auckland, and you will find specialists who are busy with their capacity but still don’t want a reduction in the patient volume.

All oncology hospitals Auckland wide don’t want to cut on patients while at the same time, keeping the car and practice level high, at all times. In the old days when advance treatment and practices were not developed, oncology hospitals in Auckland didn’t have as many doctors as of now. Frequent calls from patients was a normal routine, often a single doctor would make 20-30 rounds in a single day. Since there was no outpatient treatment service available for Auckland cancer treatment, and lack of resources for better treatment, the oncologist had exhaustive hours the whole week.

But these situations have now changed dramatically, owing to advanced cancer treatments, better ways of symptom control and well-trained practitioners and nurse staffing. This holds true for almost every oncology hospital in Auckland. Moreover, the use of assistant physicians and nurse practitioners has greatly affected how oncology services are making headways. The case for rural areas, especially the western region, holds a different picture altogether. Most of the advanced practitioners and qualified doctors deprive the remote areas of their services. Owing to a huge time-taking commute and difficult lifestyle they prefer not to take the road less traveled.

There is a huge demand for change in the existing workflow for making oncology hospitals more efficient and productive. Employing extensions to oncology practice, hiring part-time specialists and improving on hiring quality nurse practitioners and physician assistants can play in favor of an oncology hospital in Auckland. This will reduce stress factor in the administration as well as the patient care and support services. On the other hand, this will highly reduce the burden on specialists and doctors while keeping the patient flow steady. At the same time, patient care and support facilities should remain to be a top priority in every oncology hospital in Auckland.

Coming back to our analysis of oncology hospitals in the rural areas, a viable solution can be seen to make the oncology services available in a productive way to meet the growing demand. One way that is suggested by many experts is to utilize the middle resources i.e. assistants and trained practitioners. These resources have a relatively high rate of retention than the upper tier. It’s more useful and meaningful to employ the specialists and physicians remotely and provide consultancy via telecommunication.

An Oncology hospital in Auckland with expert treatment and consultation.

Doing Auckland cancer treatment for last 25 years, patient care has always come first. Based in Remuera, the dedicated Auckland Oncology team consists of five medical specialists and six nurses who are all passionate about oncology care. With a friendly and professional team, patients can be assured that they will always receive the right information and care.


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