A week by week guide on each stage of pregnancy

A week by week guide on each stage of pregnancy

A week by week guide on each stage of pregnancy

With the aid of week by week pregnancy guide you can keep a track of the growth phase of your baby. In fact you can also have an idea about the early pregnancy symptoms and signs at the same time as well. Most of the pregnancy calendars or charts are available on a week by week basis. On a day to day basis the baby grows, and the baby growth video would come to your help. You can consider the changes to be manifest over a period of time. It has been found out that the entire duration of pregnancy is being divided into 3 trimesters or 40 weeks. If you follow the chart carefully you can have an idea on how the growth of your baby will be. If you find something is not up to the mark, then you can seek help. Let us now explore the different phases on the development of your little one.

First trimester

This tends to occur between weeks 1 to 14 in the stage of your pregnancy. The first couple of weeks are going to include the time frame where the egg fertilizes with the sperm. By the time you reach week 3 the fertilized egg can evolve into an embryo. By week 4 you are likely to feel the early symptom of nausea. In week 5 all the organ formation of the little one is going to take place. By week 6 you are able to count the first heart beats of your little one. By week 7 the baby is known to double in size. Come week 9 the sex of the baby could be found out and the embryo go on to become a small baby. By week 14 there would be another sign of pregnancy, and this would be darkening of the area around the nipples.

Second trimester

This tends to arise between weeks 15 to 26. Come week 15 the movement of the feet, lips and head take place. Due to the upper movement of the uterus the occurrence of frequent urination would reduce once you reach week 16. By week 17 the blinking of the eyes occurs. Once you touch week 20 the baby begins to sleep on a regular basis. Come week 24 the heartbeat of the baby does become so clear that you can hear it when you place your ear on the chest. Before this trimester ends, brain activity commences for the eyes along with the ears.

Third trimester

It starts off with week 27 and then ends with the birth of your little one. It would mean around week 40. The moment you touch week 34, the immune system of the baby develops. A point to consider here is that most babies are born at this point of time. Do observe visible signs of labor. Anyone you can say that the baby is born by week 40. It could also extend by a couple of weeks as well.


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