A Close Look at the Liquid Sci Glass Collections

A Close Look at the Liquid Sci Glass Collections

A Close Look at the Liquid Sci Glass Collections

Created by the incredible artists over the ROOR the liquid Sci Glass is a company based in California’s San Diego. In the glass industry, the Liquid Sci Glass is leading by example in terms of product quality and customer service. It is one of the few companies in this industry that has maintained consistency in quality and price, which is a rare virtue.  The artisanship imprinted in their indigenous glass is simply outstanding. Contemporary glassblowers are following their footsteps. Their innovations are influencing the designs of contemporary cereal box rig. Glycerin pieces are one of their most coveted items, which have the reputation of improving overall smoothness and render each piece an aftertaste that is frosty and nice.

Since their inception in 2010, the Liquid Sci Glass has achieved towering heights of excellence. Their manufacturing process is scientifically controlled that ensures that the end-product is of high quality which exceeds customer’s satisfaction. Hence, it is not surprising that their base of the zealous fan is increasing by the order of the day. If you are, looking for the highest standards in American made scientific glass pieces then remember the name Liquid Sci Glass.

Innovation is the driving force and life-blood of Liquid Sci Glass that keeps them one step ahead of competitors. It is by virtue of innovation that they pioneer the latest scientific advancement in the glass industry. It is one of the few operators in the glass industry that believes in the economical pricing of premium quality products and stringently adheres to it. Trending products like Beaker Bong Double Showerhead, Baby Bottle Oil Rig are within the affording capacity of a regular person.

None of their products are hard coded which means they are subjecting able to the highest level of customization. Hence, you can make a sublime modification to their indigenous design to suit your taste. A scientific glass company that goes to the extreme levels of product customization is rarely heard. Liquid Sci Glass is pushing the limits of the industry and in doing so, they are setting an example for other companies in doing so.

Their parts and pieces are made of super thick glass that functions in a manner that is sublime. Precision and durability are the two hallmarks of Liquid Sci Glass. If you have to describe the finishing of their product in one word then the term amazing is rightly suited.

For instance, the Green 14 inch collection of straight tube glass water pipe from Liquid Sci is a masterpiece that is artfully crafted. Starting from the base and ending right up to the mouthpiece it exhibits professional craftsmanship and attention to detail embodying this aesthetically designed bong. If you are fond of aesthetics then its delightful logo printed in green, red and yellow from the neck to the base will capture your imagination. It features a silted diffused glass that is 5 inches wide and a glass downstem that is 18mm fixed joint and a 3 prong ice pinch. The glass thickness is around 5mm and the tube diameter is 50mm. It is a killer combination making the green the Liquid Sci Straight tube water pipe a durable and strong piece.

And what can you say about the scientific handmade beaker ice bong from Liquid Sci Glass? In one word it is amazing. Measuring at an impressive 13.75 inches in length it features a dual 8 arm tree percolator domes. Hence, it is an apt choice for those who do settle for anything less than silky smooth draws. When the smoke makes its way through the series of compartments in the 14.5 mm slitted diffuser, you will get a well-filtered smoke that is gentle on your lungs and throat.


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