7 Reasons to Have a Stress Free Lifestyle

Stress. Few people manage to live their lives without it. It seems never ending, especially when you face daily deadlines and have to do lists that are miles long. Once you complete one task, five more crop up, which just adds to your stress. Of course, this is just work-related stress. Some people have stress in their personal lives, for example, sick and elderly parents. If stress doesn’t hit you in one segment of your life, it may in another.

Although it may seem impossible to avoid stress, there are things that you can do to manage it. And one day a stress-free lifestyle might even be possible. Here are seven reasons why you want to live a life free of stress. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to start managing your life in a better way.

1) You’ll enjoy your life.

It isn’t fun being stressed out all of the time. If all you do is work and worry, you aren’t having any fun. Take some time off to not think about what stresses you. You’ll enjoy those moments, knowing that there aren’t any deadlines looming over your head.

2) According to studies, you might live longer.

It’s been proven that stress affects your health in a number of negative ways. It can lead to heart disease, migraine headaches, and more. The more stress you pile on yourself, the less healthy you become. You might stop working out, begin eating a poor diet, and not get enough sleep. All of these things can drastically shorten your lifespan. If you stop stressing out about everything, then you’ll be able to take the time to live a healthier life. Your life span will then expand accordingly.

3) Your friends and family will appreciate your new attitude.

People who are stressed out tend to become angry quickly. They snap at their loved ones and tend to become impatient. Over time, your friends and loved ones won’t want to be around you, simply because stress has turned you into an unpleasant person. Thankfully, once you manage to stop stressing out about everything, your demeanor will quickly return to what it was before. Your new pleasant attitude will become contagious, and your loved ones will appreciate it.

4) Burnout is a real thing.

If you’ve ever suffered from burnout, then you understand how stress can lead to it. If you haven’t ever reached the point where you can no longer think properly, need a serious day off, and stop caring about your work, simply because you’re so stressed out that you can’t take it anymore, then you’ve never experienced burnout. Be thankful. A stress-free lifestyle means that you won’t ever have to feel burned out on doing what you love.

5) Stress ages your brain.

Stress can actually make your brain age faster than the rest of your body. Since your brain is in charge of running your nervous system and everything else, this is a bad thing. Scientists have done CT scans of people who are constantly stressed and have noticed that their brains physically register as being quite a bit older than their actual ages. When you manage to relieve your stress, this process will begin to reverse itself.

6) You’ll remember things better.

Believe it or not, stress can affect your memory in a rather negative way. The more that you put on yourself and tax your brain, the less focus you’ll have. Less focus means that your brain is overtaxed and you begin to forget things that you previously had memorized. It starts with short-termmemories and then expands to the long-term ones. Thankfully, once your stress is gone, your ability to remember things will come back.

7) You’ll become less sensitive to medications.

There’s something called the blood-brain barrier. This part of your body is in charge of determining the things in your bloodstream that cross over into your brain. These things are usually medications. If you’re chronically stressed out, then that blood-brain barrier is affected, and more of the medications that you take will end up in your brain. As a result, you’ll become very sensitive to them, and may have to decrease your dosages. Depending on the medication, this can be a very bad thing. When you stop stressing out about your job and your life, the barrier begins to work better, and you’ll become less sensitive to the prescription drugs that you need to take.

As you can see, stress can do some major damage to your health, your lifestyle, and the people around you. By taking the steps needed to live a stress-free life, you are moving towards becoming a better, more pleasant person. Plus, your memory and overall life will improve. You may never want to be stressed out again.

Author Bio: This guest post is written by John Parker in support of Samitivej Hospital, world’s best hospital 2017 for medical tourists.

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