6 Tips to Relieve Stubborn Heel Pain

Heel pain is one of the most common problems confronted by people of all ages, usually the ones doing the sedentary job. There are several reasons for this, possibly, our attitude of not stepping out of our cars or two-wheelers and walk for at least half an hour daily.  Many of us have a misconception that we have a ‘heel spur,’ whenever there is some sort of sensation owing to discomfort in the feet.

However, the truth, as per orthopaedic doctors around the world that a bone spur rarely leads to discomfort in form of intense pain. Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of foot pain, but also keep in mind not all foot problems owing to the rupture of Plantar fasciitis tissue.

A ligament that runs throughout the foot into the heel, in medical terms is known as plantar fascia. You can feel this tight band of tissue by folding your toes towards you. The plantar fascia, this tissue gets irritated and inflammation at the attachment joint into heel bone; so every with the step you can feel the staining and pulling off this tissue ligament. This is a pain condition, which takes take to heal, and even more if the plantar fascia is injured.

Here are the 6 things you must do if you have foot pain

Avoiding Walking Barefoot

Always wear slippers or shoes while in and around the house. Doctors, often recommend crocs to be worn around the home, this will give support to the foot. Roaming around barefoot, especially if there is wooden flooring or concrete slab foundation, otherwise, it will aggravate the inflamed tissue problem.

Stretch Your Calf

Pain is usually caused by the tight Achilles tendon, and there several great exercises that help patients relieve heel pain by reducing tightness.

Insert Support in your Shoes

Try adding support to the shoe to give comfort your arch. Also, stay away from flimsy supports, which you normally find around a market near you. The best orthopaedics recommends support superfeet and power steps. You will get one for not more than $50 for a good quality insert.

Products Available in the market
Today, there are many pharmaceuticals brands across the globe, they make great products and machines to help people with heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. However, before picking just about anything from the counter, it is significant to consult your doctor for recommendations.

Don’t Avoid Seeing a Podiatrist

Would you go to a shopping mall for chest pain? Of Course not. Then, why most of the people look in grocery stores for foot problems? Avoid advertising scam, visit an orthopedic to proper analyses of the problem and get treatment, instead of wasting dollars on products.

Use Ice

Use a pack ice to get instant relief from plantar fasciitis, roll it over your arch. This will help to reduce inflammation and the motion of ice is like a stretching exercise. Try this for 5 minutes thrice in a day.

The above tips will let you get relief from plantar fasciitis.

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